Documents & Forms

Here you will find Documents and Forms to assist you in preparing for your tax appointment. All documents are for tax  year 2018 with 2019 due dates but can be utilized in preparing for earlier years.

ALL 1040 Clients will need to complete ONE of the following:

SOME 1040 Clients may need to complete the following:

NEW CLIENT EXTENSION – If you are a new client and need an extension please complete Extension request form for new clients –  2017 returns due April 17, 2018

BUSINESS Clients may need:

OTHER Forms Clients frequently need / request:

  • FORM W9 (For Independent Contractors to Complete)
  • FORM W4 (For New Employees or Employees who wairsnt to change withholdings to Complete – new form coming in February)

SOME 1040 and some business clients may find these business / industry specific checklists helpful: